A Smart Solution for Data Security and File Administration!

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SVIC INDIA eLearning Company  |  2 more applications - March 28, 2014
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Publisher's description

Import all your files into DBank File
All files are managed and accessed under DBank file with DATA BANK Software
You're carrying DBank file means carrying your Computer with all your files
Files stored in DBank file are secure from virus and all other threats.

DATA BANK software is a windows based application to secure and mange files in the way that never happen before.

With DATABANK anyone can import files into a single DBank file and allows to mange and access files inside the DBank, like playing media files, viewing image files, Reading PDF and Flash files and other format files can be edit with external programs.

And managing files inside the DBank is very easy, editing file information, updating files, exporting to computer, searching files, deleting files and browsing.

Once loaded into DBank means files are secure! While importing files are scanned into DBank affected files are skipped. It allows any file format to import into DBank, max file size to import is 800 MB and the max size of DBank file is 1 TB.

Then Forget virus affect, corrupting files, losing data and file administration headache! Just carry your DBank file with DATA BANK software to any computer to manage and access your files!

Key features

• Batch importing import folders in one go!
• Scans each file before importing and skips affected!
• Players and Viewers for Audio, Video, Image, Flash and PDF files(Plugging or Codec's required)
• Virtual folders to data redundancy means one file can be appears in many folders in the DBank
• Files are secure by virus and external threats!
• Searching and file administration is very straightforward!
• Recognizes 200 file types and auto-organizes into DBank
• Chart view to show the memory status of the DBank

Minimum requirements

• Internet explorer 7 or above

Trial limitations

• 10 minutes access limit, 1GB DBank Size, 200 MB Max file size to import into DBank!

Additional info

Operating system: Win 2000, Win XP, Win 2003, Win Vista, Win Server 2008, Win 7, Win 8, Win NT

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 2014-03-25

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